Game design by Inon Kohn

The game is designed for 2-3 players Aged 8 and up.

The story of the game

Each year, before the spring festival, Gasem the king of Genberox, chooses several cities that he wants to strengthen and calls upon their mayors to join him at the festival, where they will have the opportunity to enlist to their cities some of the leading guilds who will be showing their skills, at the festival, in front of the king.

The object of the game

As one of the mayors you should wisely choose which guild you will want to add to your town and when to add it, as your town strength and reputation will be determine according to your picks. Each round you will pick one guild and add it and its reputation points to your town.

Having a variety of guilds will strengthen your town and add to its reputation, but also having a majority at a certain guilds will do so.

Full rules:

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