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This is a contest entry for the Green Box 2018 Summer Design Contest. Rules should be completed by July 29th.

Designer: Yury Milovidov


This is a simple dice game for 2 players who are trying to snatch cubes from each other. Usually it takes about 10 minutes to play but the time might depend on your luck with dice.

Components used: 15 tiles, 14 cubes (7 for each player), 1 dice



  1. Build the board: arrange 5 tiles green side up with different symbols (Drop, Hammer, Wood, Brick, Cog) in a row and add 1 row of yellow tiles on either side of it.
  2. Each player places 5 of their cubes behind yellow tiles (1 cube per tile).
  3. Each player places 2 of their remaining cubes on the yellow tiles adjacent to the green tiles with Drop and Cog symbol; these two cubes are called Snatchers.


The winner of the previous game (if it’s your first game, toss a coin) goes first.

On your turn, roll the dice and move any one of your Snatchers onto the yellow tile adjacent to the green tile with corresponding symbol (Drop for ⚀, Hammer for ⚁, and so on) on your side. ⚅ is a wild card, you can move your Snatcher onto any yellow tile on your side, except the one it’s on right now. If there is a cube behind any (or both) of your Snatchers, it is protected and cannot be snatched by your opponent. If both of your Snatchers are on the same tile, you can snatch your opponent’s cube from the opposing tile (the one that's directly across your pair of Snatchers) at any time, unless it’s protected by one or both of their Snatchers.


When both of your Snatchers are on the same tile and your dice roll indicates the symbol that they are already next to (i.e. it's impossible to move either Snatcher), you must surrender any one of your cubes to your opponent.

Remember: you cannot skip turns.


The first player to snatch all the cubes from their opponent wins the game.