Introduction Edit

Join forces with the other players to construct the worlds tallest tower, but don’t be the one who makes it all come down!

Setup: Edit

Create a deck containing all the cards with red and green backgrounds (values 1 to 3). Shuffle the cards to form a draw pile

Give every player a set of 20 cubes of their colour.

Place one starting tile in the middle of the table, and the rest in a stack available to all players.

Play: Edit

Start your turn by drawing a card from the deck. Now you must place a number of your cubes, equal to the printed number on the card, on the uppermost tile in the tower.

If placing more than one cube, they must be placed individually, and all cubes must touch each other when they have been placed.

After placing cubes you draw a tile and place this on top of your cubes.

Unless the tower falls down, play passes to the next player.

Winner: Edit

The player who first manages to place all of their cubes without the tower falling down is the winner.

If the tower falls, then the player who caused it to fall is the loser.

Play over several rounds and collect points for winning and/or losing to declare an ultimate winner.

Variations Edit

Every player builds their own tower, and the winner is the one whose tower is still standing when all the others have fallen.

Come up with your own additional rules on what should happen if the symbol on the card matches, or doesn’t match, the symbol on the tile.

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