As members of the SDC, your job is to make sure Santa has the right presents at hand at the right time when he visits the houses of the nice children around the block.

Setup Edit

Find three tiles with each symbol and arrange them in a rectangular track. These are the Houses of the block.

Take Santa (the red meeple) and place him in one of the corners.

Put all the Wishlists (cubes) in the drawbag. Now draw one random wishlist to place on each House around the block.

Shuffle the Presents (cards) and deal 5 to each player.

(Note: This game is created for the MMX Expansion featuring black and white cubes. If you do not have those, you may remove all black and white cards, or make up your own rules for these cards)

Youngest player is the First player and takes a die.

Play Edit

The First player draws a number of new Wishlists from the bag equal to the number of players, and places them in the center of the table. Starting with the First player and taking turns, each player selects one Wishlist and places it onto one House. There can never be more than 4 Wishlists in any one House.

When all Wishlists have been placed, the First player rolls the die. Place the die on the House where Santa is currently standing, and move Santa clockwise a number of houses as indicated by the pips on the die. Only count the houses that currently have Wishlists on them.

Now players take turns playing cards from hand to deliver Presents, starting with the First player.

One player can deliver Presents to one single House, but you may deliver as many as you can to that one House. You may deliver Presents to any House that Santa has passed this round, including the ones where he started and ended. Each card played must match the symbol of the House, and the colour of one of the available Wishlists. After playing one card, take the corresponding Wishlist and keep it in front of you. When you are done playing cards you may draw new ones to replenish your hand up to five cards. If you are unable or unwilling to play cards you may in stead draw two new cards and add to your hand.

Winner Edit

The game ends immediately when the draw deck is empty. With 4 or more players you should reshuffle the deck once, and end the game when it is empty the second time. Reshuffle more times if you want a longer game.

When the game ends, all players count the cubes they have acquired, and the player with the most is the winner.

Optional scoring: 2 points for majority in any colour, and 3 points for each complete set of all 6 colours.

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