Contest entry for the Summer 2018 Design Contest.

Designer: Kyrre Havik Eriksen

New suggested name is "Rush Maze" as you are building a maze with the tiles, while you are rushing to be the first one to get rid of your hand of cards.

Rules Edit

Players: 2 - 4

Goal Edit

The first player to play all of their cards first.

Pieces Edit

  • One cube for each player
  • All the tiles
  • A deck of 36 cards, where each colour only has one of each symbol (see rule book for how)
  • First player token (use on of the coloured cards)

Setup Edit

Give each player a coloured cube (one colour per player). Then shuffle all the tiles, and the deck of cards. Set the stack of tiles to the side, and put one tile for each player in the middle of the board. Then put the players cube on one tile each. Deal out 6 cards if two players, 8 cards if three players, and 10 cards if four players. Then set the deck aside.

Give the first player token, to a random player.

Gameplay Edit

The game i split into rounds, where each player takes their turn of two actions. You play a tile, and move your cube (as many times as you like). Draw a new card from the deck at the end of your turn.

At the end of the round move the first player token to the next player. That player then begins the next round.

Play a tile Edit

Draw the top tile from the stack, and place it adjacent to you cube (north, east, south, west). If there are no available spot, the tile is put at the bottom of the stack.

Move your cube Edit

To move your cube, you need to play a card matching the symbol at the tile you are moving to. Then move your cube to that tile. You can do this as many times as you like.

Note: You can not cross a tile, or move to a tile, that you previously moved to this turn.

Winner Edit

The first player to play all of their cards are the winner. Immediately when a player has played all of their cards, the game is over. You don't draw at the end of your turn.

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