In this combat game you try to remove the opposing troops from the battlefield while recruiting and protecting your own.


Shuffle the deck. Deal 4 cards and give 4 cubes (any colour) to each player. Determine starting player randomly.


On your turn you play exactly two cards to perform two actions. The actions follow the symbols on the card you play. You are not allowed to play two of the same action.

- Drop (1): Recruit one new soldier, i.e. take one new cube and add to your stack

- Circles (3): Recruit 3 new soldiers. In addition, select one other player who recruits one soldier

- Wall of bricks (4): Place the card on the table in front of your troops to illustrate a defensive wall. You can stack multiple walls.

- Arrow (6): Shoot at one single opponent to remove one of their soldiers. If the opponent you target has a wall, your shot will destroy it (i.e. discard a card from the wall) without affecting the troops behind it.

- Hammers (2): Engage in a melee with one opponent, removing two of their soldiers and one of your own. If the opponent has a wall discard one card from their wall and remove only one soldier.

- Eye (Wheel / 5): Infiltrate one opponents camp and convert one of their soldiers to your own, i.e. move one cube from their stack to yours. You can not infiltrate if you have a wall, unless you discard it first, but this action is not affected by any walls the opponent has.

After having played two cards and performed the apporipriate actions, you draw two new cards and play passes to the next player.


When the draw deck is depleted, every player gets one final turn, including the player who drew the last card. Then the game ends, and the player with the most soldiers on the table wins.

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