Contest entry for the Summer 2018 design contest.

Designer: Mitsuo Yamamoto

Oki 1

Goal Edit

Be the last player to place a cube on the board

Components Edit

25 tiles

25 cubes

Setup Edit

Create a random board layout with the tiles. All tiles must be connected to at least one other tile, either orthogonally or diagonally, but there should be plenty of open spaces.

Play Edit

Oki 2

The first player places one cube on any one tile.

After this, players take turns to place as many cubes as they want to, following these two rules:

- All cubes must be placed in a straight line

- Every cube placed must touch another cube on the board (orthogonally or diagonally)

Winner Edit

The player who places a cube on the last vacant space wins the game.

Variations Edit

Try different layouts and also different number of tiles.

Instead of the last player winning the game, count each players score at the end. Every cube a player has placed counts as 1 point. The player ending the game by placing the last cube gets a 5 point bonus.

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