Introduction Edit

A quick game featuring simple arithmetic. Lay down sets of increasing value and see how far you can get.

Setup Edit

Shuffle the cards and deal 6 to each player. Whoever has the most 1's in hand starts.

Play Edit

The first player lays down a "1". The next player must lay down "2", either as one card or as two. The next must lay down one or more cards with total value of "3". And so forth.

If you are unable to lay down the exact number you are supposed to, then you are allowed to discard up to two cards and draw new ones. Play passes to the next player, who must attempt the same number that you were unable to play.

After you have played cards you replenish your hand up to 6 cards. Shuffle the played and discarded cards when neccessary.

Game end Edit

When every player has passed in sequence, the game ends. The last successfully played number is your score. Play again to beat it!

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