This ruleset is a straight port of the game "Mijnlieff" designed by Andy Hopwood. More information regarding the original game can be found here. The "re-writting" of rules for the Green Box of Games was done by Pedro Dias, based on the rulebook found on boardgame geek.

Leaf/Mijnlieff is a sort of advance tic-tac-toe for 2 players.

With the Green Box of Games you can play a full game of Mijnlieff (and even extend it if you'd like).

You will need the following components:

  • 16 tiles to form a 4x4 playing grid
  • 8 Cubes in 2 colors
  • 4 sets of cards with the following symbols: Arrow, Hammers, Three Circles and Bricks.


Make a 4x4 grid using 16 tiles.

Give each player the cubes of one color and 2 cards of each of the following symbols: Arrow, Hammers, Three Circles and Bricks.


Each turn, the active player will place a cube following any active rule (in the first turn of the game, you can place it anywhere) and play a card defining the rule for the opposing player's turn.  It's important to remember the following points:

  • The new rules is always related to the last cube placed.
  • If the opposing player cannot place a cube, the active player takes another turn and can place his cube anywhere.
  • There can never more than one cube on a tile

Here are the symbols and the rule associated with them:

  • Arrow -  The cube placed must be on the same row or column
  • Hammers - The cube placed must be on a diagonaly connected tile
  • Three Circles - The cube placed must be placed on a non-adjacent tile (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
  • Bricks - The cube placed must be placed on an adjacent tile (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)

End of GameEdit

Whenever one player plays his last piece, the opposing player gets one last turn (if able) and then they proceed to scoring.


For each line of 4 connected pieces, that player earns 2 points.

For each line of 3 connectedpieces, that player earns 1 points.

The player with most points wins.

Examples and VariantsEdit

(Examples) The original rules file should be used as a reference for any questions: 

(Variants) The file above also includes advance play which can make the game more challenging.

(Variants) I welcome anyone to come up with powers for the 2 not used symbols from the Green Box of Games

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