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Contest entry for the Summer 2018 Design Contest.

Designer: Mitsuo Yamamoto


Players: 2

Jump 1.jpg

Board: 4 by 6 grid board

Pieces: each players have 8 pieces

Type: abstract & strategy

Starting position: Each players place their 8 pieces on the front two lines.

Playing: Each players takes turn to move any one of own pieces alternately. Piece must move simply one space or jumping other piece(s) (both own and opponent) to the forward vertically or diagonally. They can't move horizontally nor backward. Once own piece goes to goal area(opponent two lines), it can't move any more.

Winning: Player who moves all 8 pieces to the opponent area first wins the game. Passing turn isn't allowed. If there isn't legal take before goal, then the player loses the game.