Introduction Edit

Flick Flack is a dexterity game where the players flick their cubes across the table, trying to make them land on tiles with symbols matching the available cards.

Setup: Edit

Sort the tiles by symbol, and split each symbol into three stacks with one, two and three tiles respectively. Put all tile stacks next to each other in three rows, the ones first, then the twos and then the threes. This forms a staircase with three steps, each steps containing six spaces with the six symbols. Put the staircase at the far end of the table.

Shuffle the cards and place 6 cards face up on the table.

Give each player three cubes of one colour.

Play: Edit

Taking turns, the players flick one of their cubes to make it come to rest on the staircase. When all players have flicked three cubes, they collect cards based on their positions. Every cube resting on a tile entitles the player to take one face up card that has the same symbol as the tile. If no mathcing card is available, the player does not get anything. For each symbol, start with the cube that is highest up on the staircase and move downwards.

When all players have received cards for all their successful cubes, a new round starts. Change the starting player from the previous round and replace the claimed cards so there are 6 available cards on the table.

Winner: Edit

The game ends after an agreed number of rounds, for instance 3 or 5. Players add up the numbers on the cards they have collected, and the winner is the player with the highest total.

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