This game is has evolved from Tunnel Run, but offers a very different tactical experience. Take one man into the dungeon to free all his friends, and then run back out. First team to reach the exit with all members wins.


All tiles

All cards

6 cubes pr player


Use the tiles green side up to create a network of corridors. Somewhere in the structure there should be 5 yellow tiles representing the prison cells.

Place one cube of each colour besides each cell, and another one of each outside the entrance.

Shuffle the cards and deal five to each player.


On your turn you play a card from your hand to move your cube through the corridors. Choosing between different possible paths you keep moving until you come to:

- An unoccupied space with the same symbol as the card you played (keep moving if the space is occupied by one of your own cubes), OR

- A space containing an opponents cube, OR

- A yellow prison cell, OR

- The dungeon exit

When ending your movement on a prison cell you may free one of your own cubes captured there. This cube may move from your next turn. When you have more than one cube in play, you *may* play one card for each cube up to three.

Draw as many cards as you played to end your turn.


The first player to free all her cubes and move them all out of the dungeon is the winner.


Try different board layouts. I suggest multiple paths to the exit, or else it will get very slow when everyone blocks everyone towards the end. Try different numbers of prisoners and cells.

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