Green Box of Games Community Wiki


Official rulebooks included in the "Second to None" Edition Green Box of Games:

English: Greenbox 2-0 rules english aug2017 (PDF 5mb)

German: Greenbox 2-0 regeln deutsch aug2017 (PDF 5mb)

French: Greenbox 2-0 regles francais aug2017 (PDF 5mb)

Additional rulebooks:

Polish translation of the official rulebook: Greenbox 2-0 rules polski (PDF 3mb)

Rules for 12 games designed by the community for the Kickstarter campaignGreenbox rulebook kickstarter 2017 (PDF 7mb)

Rules for 12 games designed by the community for the summer 2018 Design Contest: Greenbox rulebook 2018 contest (PDF 3mb)

11 games (including meeples) designed for the 2019 “Contest X” Design Contest: Greenbox rulebook contest2019 final (PDF, 2 mb)

Print and Play:[]

Cards and tiles are available as Print-and-Play downloads here.

Tiles: Tiles pnp Second to None Edition

Cards: Cards pnp Second to None Edition

To play most games you will additionally need a number of wooden cubes or other tokens of different colours. The standard set includes 10mm cubes, 20 of each of the colours red, green, blue and yellow, but not all games use all the cubes. Also, some games use one or two regular six-sided dice.

Creative assets[]

If you want to create illustrations for your own rulesets, or something completely different, you can find a lot of useful files in this folder on Google Drive. This collection of assets contains pdfs and pngs of all cards and tiles, front and back, the different symbols as separate files, and even some cubes.


The Green Box of Games – including all rules, files, artwork and other assets – is available under a Creative Commons BY-SA-NC license. This basically means you can use it for what ever you like, as long as you tell people where you got it from and you don’t try to make money from it. The concept and design of the Green Box of Games and all rulesets in the official rulebooks should be attributed to Jørgen Brunborg-Næss. Rulesets for other games found on this wiki may be the work of other authors, and should be attributed according to the information found on the individual game page.