Crush is a solitaire card game where you remove connected sets of cards until all cards have been removed from the table.


Shuffle the cards and lay down 25 of them face up in a 5x5 grid. Keep the rest in a draw pile.


When two or more cards that share the same symbol are connected horizontally or vertically you may remove all these cards and put them aside.

After a set has been removed the remaining cards "fall" in to fill the gaps, meaning you shift the corresponding rows of cards so the gaps end up located on the outer edges of the grid. You can choose which direction the cards will fall, up, down, left or right, but all cards must move in the same direction.

When the cards have fallen into place you fill up the grid with new cards from the draw pile.

When the draw pile is depleted you will eventually find yourself in a situation where you are unable to fill the grid. In this case you are allowed to let the cards "fall" several times, in different directions, before you remove another set of connected cards.


You win the game if you are able to remove all cards from the table, and lose if you are not.

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