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= Clogged! =
= Clogged! =
[[File:Optional 3-player setup for "Clogged!".jpg|thumb]]
=== Introduction ===
=== Introduction ===

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Optional 3-player setup for "Clogged!".jpg


This game came into existence one evening when my brother and I were sitting down to a game of King's Ransom. As I was explaining what each symbol represented, Daddy suggested that the "Hammers" symbol could be a pair of plungers. The resulting conversation ended in the invention of this game.

Designers: The Curey Family

Players: 2-6

Pieces: See Components, below

Type: cooperative


1 blue cube per player plus one ("Water") (Example: 5 people are playing, so 6 blue cubes are used).

1 red meeple ("Mayor") NOTE: If you don't have the MMX, use a red cube.

6 Droplet ("Water") tiles

6 Hammer ("Plunger") tiles

6 Three circles ("Pipe Camera") tiles

4 Brick ("Blockage") tiles

6 Gear ("Water saw/Explosion") tiles

4 Arrow ("Tree root") tiles

56 cards, including wilds

2 dice

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this article, when I say Blockage (with a capital B), I am referring to the tile/card with 4 pips (little dots on the card/tile). When I say blockage (lowercase b) I mean any tile that is blocking the Water Cubes from passing through the pipe.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: On their own, Water Cubes cannot pass through pipes (even if the pipe is cleared) UNLESS a Water Card is played OR if you uncover a Water Tile.


The mayor is on his way home and needs to take a shower, but his drain is clogged. You and a team of plumbers must fix the drain before he gets home.


Take 3 of the Arrow tiles and 3 of the Brick tiles and shuffle them into the 6 Droplet tiles. Set these up facedown (that is, yellow/brown side up) in a "pipe" layout. Be creative. Make it any shape you want. Take the 1 remaining Arrow and the 1 remaining Brick, 1 Three Circles, 1 Gear, and 1 Hammers into a pile of 5 tiles. Lay these facedown for the Mayor's path. The rest of the Three Circles, Gears, and Hammers (hereafter, Tool Tiles) should be sorted into 3 piles. Set these aside. Place the Water Cubes at the beginning of the Pipe. Place the Mayor at the start of his path.    Deal out 5 cards to each player.


A player's turn should go like this:

  1. Roll dice. If a "7" is rolled, the Mayor moves forward one tile.
  2. Trade in up to all 5 cards into the bottom of the deck and draw new ones (optional).
  3. Play cards if you can.

What the Cards And Tiles Mean And Do:

Card Tile
Water Play this card to move (the number on the card) water cubes one space forward. This tile pulls all Water cubes on the space before it into itself.
Plungers Play this with a Blockage card to remove a Blockage. Use this tile to replace Blockage tiles after they are removed.
Pipe Camera Play this card to reveal any facedown tile. N/A
Card Tile
Blockage Play this card with a Plunger card to remove Blockage Tiles This tile blocks Water Cubes from coming through the pipe.
Water Saw/


Play this card with a Tree Root card to cut through Tree Roots

Play 2 of these in a row to remove 2 in a row of any blocking tiles (they may be different types of blockage)

Use this tile to replace Tree Root and/or Blockage tiles after they are removed.
Tree Roots Play this card with a Water Saw to remove Tree Root Tiles. This tile blocks Water Cubes from coming through the pipe.

Rules Regarding Cards/Card Playing

  1. After trading in any number of cards, you may not trade in any more cards.
  2. After trading in any number of cards, you may play any of your newly-acquired cards.
  3. If you do not have both of the cards you need to remove a blocking tile, you may play the one you do have and leave the next player to finish. They MUST play the card necessary to complete the action if possible; if not, they may a. trade in cards; If they do not get the card necessary, they must proceed to b. b. pass
  4. A Pipe Camera card may be played to flip over any tile.
  5. Each "1" on a Water Card moves ONE Water Cube ONE tile forward. For instance, a "6" Water Card could move one Water Cube 6 tiles, two Water Cubes 3 tiles, 4 Water Cubes 1 tile and one cube 2 tiles, and so on.

Rules Regarding Tiles

  1. You may not flip over a tile without a Pipe Camera card.
  2. Although you may flip over any tile by playing a Pipe Camera card, (and this is highly encouraged,) you MAY NOT remove a newly-discovered blockage unless all the tiles leading up to it are flipped faceup.

Miscellaneous Rules

  1. A player MUST do what is in the best interest of all players. If some say one thing and others say another, take a vote. In case of a tie, flip a coin. If no coins are handy, use one of the tiles that is not being used in the game. The team who is not flipping gets to choose "heads" or "tails".


If all the Water Cubes get through the pipe before the Mayor leaves his path, you win! If not, you meet with the extreme disapproval of the Mayor, who will probably throw you all in prison! I hope he never does  ; )