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This contest was held in 2019. Entry was limited to members of the Spiele-Autoren-Zunft, but the games are open for anyone to enjoy!

Gold Winner:[]

Viking Chess Table Kubb

By Daniel Bernsen

This game is a clean implementation of the popular outdoor game of Kubb, where players throw sticks to knock down the blocks of the opposing team. In the Green Box table version, you flick cubes to knock down warriors constructed as three-cube pyramids. Highly enjoyable, and a refreshing original addition to the Green Box of Games catalogue!

Silver Winner:[]


By Michael Hauptmann

This is also a version of a popular game, but of a completely different category: Splendor! Take resource cubes of the right colour to be able to pay the price of cards, which in turn will help you buy new cards and fulfil missions. As the original, the game offers a nice balance of luck, strategy and fun for everyone.

Close, but not close enough, are two games submitted by the same designer:

Hacienda and City Hall by Axel Hennig.

Both are are solid euro style games, originally developed for the Green Box. Hacienda is one of the more complex games the system currently has to offer, with action drafting, market mechanics and tile laying strategy with many aspects to consider. City Hall is of similar weight as Inventor, with a clever model for acquiring cubes and cards to build a tableau featuring number sequences in all colours.

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