This ruleset is a straight port of the game "Cinco Linko"/"OK Play" designed by Deejay Wheelie Bag and published by Big Potato. More information regarding the original game can be found here. The "re-writting" of rules for the Green Box of Games was done by Pedro Dias, based on the resources found on boardgame geek.

Cinco Linko is a sort of advance 4-in-a-row for 2 to 4 players.

With the Green Box of Games you can play a full game of Cinco Linko.

You will need the following components:

  • 15 Cubes in each player color (or 20 for slower play)


Give each player all cubes of one color.

There is no board, the table is the board, so the game will expand depending on how players play


On your turn you will play a cube. The cube you place must touch at least one existing cube on either side (diagonals does not count).  If you have already played all your cubes you will need to instead remove one of your cubes from play and play it as a new one. When doing this you are not allowed to break the construction in two.

End of GameEdit

If a player manages to have 5 cubes in a row either vertically, horizontal or diagonally he wins the game.