Here is a tiny layout that is close (minus 4 fields) to the German classic "Mensch ärgere dich nicht" (similar to Ludo, Parcheesi, etc). It is played on the divided fields on each tile, movement goes clockwise around the cross.

To make this work the Home lane was moved from the inside of the cross arms to the end point.

A player starts on the first outermost field on "his" cross arm. The next 3 arms: she turns on the last yellow fields and goes back on the cross arm. When returning to her own arm: she turns on the last green fields. The very last home field is next to that players start field.

Setup[edit | edit source]

Mini trouble.jpg

  • 9 neutral/back tiles in a X shape
  • 4 "house" tiles in green at the end of each cross arm. Preferably with different symbols.
  • 4 cards in different colors according to the player cube colors. Position them that they mark the starting field (see photo).
  • 4 cubes in one color for each player
  • 1 dice... or one die for each player to prevent trouble...
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